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Read the full article featured on the May / June 2017 cover of Harvard Business Review

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ghSMART's CEO Genome® project is a center of excellence on how to become and succeed as a CEO:

  • Cutting edge IP and research
  • Advisory work with leading current CEOs, rising stars, and boards of directors working to groom and select future CEOs
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The CEO Genome® project comes from ghSMART – Leadership Advisors to the Leaders of the World. ghSMART's mission is to use expertise in business and human behavior to help CEOs, boards, and investors build valuable organizations.

About CEO Genome®

  1. A proprietary data set of over 27,000 C-suite assessments, including over 2,000 CEOs with detailed career history and performance metrics for each executive.

  2. A detailed sample of 930 CEO candidates across the companies of all sizes and covering 19 out of 20 NAICS industry sectors which we compared to other c-suite executives.

  3. 70 exclusive interviews with CEOs and board members sharing candid insights on what it takes to become a successful CEO and how boards really pick CEOs.

  4. An in-depth study of over 70 CEO firings to uncover the causes and missed early indicators.

  5. Cutting edge analytical approaches to data mining created by a unique cross-disciplinary team of 14 researchers, including PhDs across ghSMART, University of Chicago, Columbia University, and SAS Inc.

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