Assess Yourself: the CEO Essential Behaviors

There are 4 essential behaviors that are associated with becoming a high performing CEO. Take this short self-assessment to find your strengths. We also suggest that you ask a colleague to rate you against these questions and compare how your answers stack up against theirs.

The 4 essential behaviors are described in Elena and Kim’s Harvard Business Review Article, What Sets Successful CEOs Apart.

If I am being honest with myself, when considering any potentially contentious decision or action, my first thought is how it will impact:
When faced with a decision, I tend to:
When I communicate with my organization, I believe it is more important to:
When faced with a set of decisions, my instinct is to:
I am most productive when:
My team would say that under pressure I tend to be:
I prefer to spend time:
If I am faced with a decision and feel uncertain, I tend to:
I believe that to be seen as “collaborative,” it is more important to:
When an unexpected issue crops up, my first instinct is to:
If I am being honest with myself, I tend to see setbacks as:
When I think about the people I spend my time with and my reading list, the topics I am most drawn to discussing and reading are:
When thinking about my near and long-term goals, I would describe these as:
Over the last 5 years:
I am more focused on:
When faced with a decision, my biggest concern is about the consequences of:

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